Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bulgaria 28th August-10th September 2005

These stunning birds were present around the resort everday, several flocks were seen migrating but upto 20 remained in the area.

Crested lark
A very difficult bird to find around the resort compared to two years ago, lots of building on the waste ground, i managed to find five birds about a mile from the resort.

Red Rumped Swallow
The only bird i found perched, taken at first light in Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach, two birds present for several days along a dried river bed below the windmill, this bird gave stunning views licking Ants of a pine tree.

Very poor pictures but stunning views, a much needed new bird, Trigrad Gorge near the Greek border.

Caspain Tern
Sat with several Black Head and Med Gulls Pomorie hospital salt pan.

Yellow legged Gulls

Bulgaria 28th August-10th september 2005

Red Backed Shrike Sunny Beach
A very common bird of the area, every post and every bush seems to have a Red Backed perched on it.

Cirl Bunting
Sunny Beach, a common bird of the area.

Sombre Tit
Seen everyday along a dried river bed with occasionally a second bird.

Lesser Spotted Eagle
stunning views today this bird spent the whole two weeks in fields just beyond the resort.

Stonechat,Sunny Beach

Mediterranean Gull Pomorie salt pans
Plenty of adults present but only three juveniles this year.

Black Winged stilt, Pomorie Salt Pans 30th August. This small salt pan behind the hospital was the most awesome place in Bulgaria for waders, two years ago it was alive with hundreds of birds upto 17 Broad Billed Sands were present, this year they were filling it in, already half of it has gone but there was still a few waders and loads of Med Gulls and a Caspain tern, a sad loss for Birds and Birders.

Dalmation Pelican, Lake Mandra 30th August, nice to get the two together for comparison

Adult and Juvenile White Pelicans Lake Burgas (Vaya) Bulgaria 30th August 2005 we counted over 2400 flying in to roost late afternoon, and four Dalmation Pelicans, a further 19 Dalmations were on Poda preserve lake Mandra.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Caspian Gull

Adult Caspian Gull Kirkby on Bain Tip Pits, upto six different birds have been seen in the last couple of weeks along with 11 Yellow legged Gulls