Saturday, April 28, 2007

Marsh Harriers

One of two birds present this morning, both female types, an adult and a 1st Summer, one flew off high east at 10.50am adult female still present when we left at mid day.


A group of seven trotted towards me this morning, saw me and ran off, as i got further down the track two jumped the fence, dived into the dyke swam across the drain and went into the trees.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


The Gambia 6th-20th March 2007
We arrived in the Gambia late afternoon the Airport and its porters are a joke, be warned grab your luggage first, once outside the heat hit us 101 degs, it was ruddy hot, we arrived at the hotel BAKOTU just after 4.00pm a quick look around the garden then out birding round the creek, this is when the problems start, the first bird guide that approaches you thinks your his for the two weeks, they are a sodding nightmare, one followed me even though i told him to sod off and he still demanded money for his time, he then approached me on two more days asking for his money, this bloke came very close to getting a slap and i told him so, thats when he left me alone, they are persistant and firmness does not seem to work with some of them, two of the guides at the creek got into an argument over a punter and one drew a knife on the other??, also they DO NOT like you birding with anyone else i went out with a guy from sandwich several times and they did not like that at all, anyway after a week they finally got the message and left me alone, we met another bird guide at BIJILO FOREST called Masaneh Sanyang he was different, not pushy at all, after a long conversation we decided on a trip with him as he promised we would only pay half the fee if we did not see the birds, he picked us up on time and with his trainee Modou we set off for Tujuring, on our previous visit with a guide from the creek we saw just under 50 species, with these two guys we saw 120 30 of them new??
I can thoroughly recommend Mass and Modou SEE BELOW for details.
I saw just over 230 species of these 164 were new, its a great country the birds are awesome the hassle is something else, i shall be going again next year, this time though i will be fully prepared for it all.
We did several half day trips from 7.30am to about 2.00pm costing about 35 quid the rest of the time was spent around the creek were we saw 144 species, we did Bijilo forest on our own then we had a morning round there with Mass, which he did for free, and he got us Ahanta Francolin which was feared extinct in the park, we also had two trips to Tujuring which is an awesome place, we also visited Pirang which is now closed to birders, Fara Banta, Marrakisa and Abuko and finally the Bund Road.

THE GAMBIA 6th - 20th March 2007

The Gambia March 2007
Masaneh Sanyang and Modou Krubally
Based at BIJILO FOREST, the best guides we came across they can be contacted as follows

Modou Krubally
Trained by Masaneh Sanyang a very competent Birder good on calls and identification, very quick at picking out birds.

Masaneh Sanyang
c/o I.T.C.Camp
P.M.B 14, Banjul
The Gambia. Tel 9924761
Good all round birder.

Mass and Modou are the only bird guides i would ever use again, they were brilliant.


The rarer of the two Paradise Flycatchers, we only saw the Red Bellied, picture taken at Abuko.



Heard more often than seen, could be really elusive singing from deep in cover, then at other times came right out in the open, seen every day, inland and on the coast.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Video grabs. Casino Cycle Track.
It was a really hot afternoon and we were on our way for a beer down at the beach bar, the wife took the video i just took my bins, we came across this stunning Roller sat at close range, after that if it was light i carried the camera everywere.


Video Grabs


African Spoonbills and Sacrid Ibis, Video grabs


African Spoonbills, Great White Egret and Sacrid Ibis


Great White Egret and Sacrid Ibis Video grabs


Great White Egret
Black Headed Heron
Sacrid Ibis
Video grabs

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Gambia, stunning views again

Monday, April 02, 2007


Stunning Female, these Beautiful birds were on the Hotel Badal pool, upto six were present throughout the two weeks but this was the only Female, males were also seen around the creek and along the cycle track in wet fields.



GAMBIA Very common seen everywere