Sunday, March 30, 2008


Male and Female


Female wing stretching.

Male bird wing stretching.

Two females with one of the males.

Two of the three females

Female wing stretching.

All Five Birds,two Males and 3 Females

Red Kite

Eyebrook Reservoir
This is a juvenile probably 1st summer and was one of five we saw at Eyebrook, also several sand Martins, 2 Osprey's, 2 Little Ringed Plovers and a Green Winged Teal.

Red Kite

Between Cottesmore and Burley on way to Rutland.
An adult bird.


Rutland water, taken with Coolpix.


Eyebrook Reservoir.
One of two birds back at this site, always distant but scopeable.

Red Kite

A pair in suitable habitat in Lincolnshire, this is the second pair i have found this year in Lincolnshire. Site's withheld for obvious reasons.

Second bird, this one flew across the road and joined the first, then a Buzzard circled with them for a while.

Wood Pigeon.

Boring i know but not got one on here.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Water Rail

Right in front of the hide, trouble is the Sun also glares right into the hide first thing in the morning, making it difficult for pictures.

Continental Cormorant

A very white breasted Juv. Boulthsm Mere.
A Buzzard over, probably the one Andy saw fly out of Swanpool wood and a Sand martin in.