Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a stunning day, with a miss count i was on 137 for year, today we added 9 more species, a Great White at Frampton flew past us then amazingly we found this one stood on the small pit at Kirkby, two in one day, Hen Harrier, Lapland Bunting and Scaup as well, Kirkby Moor gave us two more, a flock of Lesser's had 3-4 Mealys and two stonking Arctics, finished the month with 146, awesome.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Fly over Titchwell, five more species added this weekend, so far 136 seen this year.


Single bird with mutes at Titchwell.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Clumber Park Notts.
14 birds sat iN trees around chapel this morning, we also managed distant views of the Budby Great Grey Shrike, and a few Red Kites in Lincolnshire late afternoon, total for year so far is 129 not bad just for sunday birding, the 300 in one year looks a long way off.

Wood Duck

Sat on the river at Bottesford near Grantham, appears to have hopped out of a collection further up river.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Cley Norfolk,On view with several hundred Eurasian Wigeon from East bank.
Continuing my quest to see 300 species in Britian this year, today was spent Goose watching in Norfolk were we saw, 85 Taiga, 250 Greater White Fronts and a Lesser White Front at Cantley, Black Brant, Dark and Pale Bellied Brents at Wells, many thousands of Pink Feet and a Ross's Goose at Burnham, Along with 2 Rough Legged Buzzards a Hooded Crow and the wigeon below, great day.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Or Northern Harrier
This is the American version of our Hen Harrier and a potential good species in its own right.
Thornham Area near Titchwell, we kept scanning for it from titchwell itself untill late afternoon when we moved a couple of miles up the road, as we got out of the car the Harrier came up from behind a hedge (distant) with a Marsh Harrier, we had stunning views though over the next hour as it got closer, it then flew past and behind us towards the Harbour at Thornham were it dropped into a field, distant agin but good scope views.


TITCHWELL, two birds seen today feeding out on the ice


Sat on the dune system at Titchwell when this snow bunting landed below us, but flushed by the many people on the beach.

Euarsian Teal

Titchwell in Norfolk, always a great place for birding if you can put up with the crowds.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Four birds on the old saltmarsh between footpaths this morning, later seen flying into the wash, were they could still be all picked out, really quite obvious with the Dark Bellied Brents.


Twent one of these awesome birds at Gibraltar Point today, took a bit of finding and they were very flighty, but we managed some good views in the end.