Sunday, September 17, 2006

Greece 17th September-1st October 2006

Divari Lagoon, Gialova, Peloponnese Greece.
We had two weeks at this outstanding reserve, a Greek 2000 nature site, the birds were quite poor with only 90 species recorded, but i was a month early for migration really, the lagoons start to hot up around the end of October and upto 200,000 birds use the lagoons in the Winter, spring has all the typical Med birds in vast numbers with example 1800 Glossy Ibis through in 2003.
Upto 2 Ospreys were present throughout the two weeks with odd Montys and Short Toed Eagles, there is a vast Flamingo flock here in winter and this attracts many Raptors with Sea Eagles and Spot Eagles, i saw lots of common British birds but most of the summer breeders had left, this site is worthy of further visits in the spring and mid winter when it is still quite mild, flights run all year to Kalamta Airport and its only a half hors drive away.

Davari Lagoons

Davari Lagoons


Divari Lagoon


Divari lagoon Greece


Davaria Lagoon Peloponnese Greece Hundreds winter on the lagoons, but this flock of 63 only stayed two days, leaving just five on the lagoons for the rest of the two weeks. The flamingos attract White tailed eagles to the area in the winter.
Cheap flights and accommodation is avaliable all year with some of the apartments overlooking the lagoons.


Chameleon, extremely rare in Europe this one is closer to the African race Chamaeleo africanus than the european one, though it may turn out to be another race altogether, it is very similair to the ones found in Egypt, funnily enough an Egyption Queen married and lived in the Pelloponese four thousand years ago, so may have brought this race with them.
They are very rare away from the coastal strip the females return in July the males August, they lay about 50 eggs in the sand which are incubated by the sun for about a year.
I found this one on my first morning and then never saw another for the whole two weeks.


Really common in the whole area from the airport up into the mountains, the marsh and farmland.


Very common around the area, on one walk we counted 50 along a 6km stretch of the lagoon, with upto 5 birds together.

Corn Bunting

Really common around the lagoons, Divaria Greece.


Common seen everyday with Whinchats on the rough grass around the lagoons.

Great White Egret

Upto 9 birds on the Lagoons with 50 odd Little Egrets, by mid winter there can be a hundred or so Great Whites and upto a thousand littles, the lagoons are probably the top site in Greece for Breeding Herons, especially Little Bitterns.

Montagu's Harrier

How i wished i had a 400 lens for my Canon which i left at home when this Juv sailed past at less than 20ft several times over 3 days, it hunted right in front of the hide and was one of three that i saw really well at close range.

Hooded Crow

Very Common, seen everyday but out numbered by Jackdaws flocks of 3-400 seen going to roost in evenings. Greece


Two birds were on the Divari lagoons throughout the whole time and tended to fish right in front of me every morning, though they always sat to far for Digi scoping and the only time i got the chance was on a really hot afternoon with the sun in front, hence the poor pictures, though i manged to get several stunning minutes of video actually catching a fish.

Spotted Flycatcher

Seen everyday around the lagoons

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Eaton near Retford Notts
These six shots were taken with a Canon D20 and a 55mm lens, they are as they came off the card (not got a big lens yet) the five large images below have been cropped right the way up, not bad for my first attempt with this camera, will have to invest in a 100-400 lens soon though.

White Stork

As can be seen from pictures above these have been greatly cropped